Domestic Rules


Dear Guests,

Welcome to the IBUSZ Offices Ltd./Travel Agency. We do hope you will like the chosen private apartment/room. 

Please, find below the general information. (IBUSZ Offices Ltd./Travel Agency – further IBUSZ)

1. Check-in the apartment/room: from 5 p.m. on the day of arrival. Check-out from the apartment/room: before 12 a.m. on the day of departure. Other availabilities on request to be arranged in an elastic way. 

2. In case of room-booking a copy of the invoice and either the identity card or the passport should be shown up to the owner in order of registration into the guestbook that is handled by the owner. In case of apartment-booking a copy of the invoice and the completed registration form should be left in the apartment before leaving.

3. The apartment/room can be engaged only in that number of guests that is indicated on the invoice. Under 6 years one child can be accepted free of charge without (extra) bed and bed-linen with the previous agreement of the owner.

4. The owner has the right to check out the guests – without any previous information – if they are in the same number in the apartment/room that is indicated on the invoice. Either the checking or cleaning cannot disturb the guests and should keep the guests’ personality rights in respect.

5. Visitor(s) can be accepted during the day (between 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.) in case of previous agreement made with the owner or the IBUSZ’ competent office.

6. Pet(s) is forbidden to be taken into the apartment/room without the previous agreement of the owner.

7. The furniture of the apartment/room can be rearranged only with the previous agreement of the owner.

8. Lost keys should be communicated prompt and paid either the cost of the new keys or the lock-change to the owner.

9. By the time of departure the keys should be placed for the owner or provide them back to the IBUSZ’ competent office.

10. Neither the IBUSZ nor the owner are responsible for the financial damages or accidents that might occur from the non-proper use.

11. The eventual damages deriving from the non-proper use should be compensated straight to the owner.

12. In case of any problem that turns up during the stay connected with the house/apartment/room should be prompt communicated to the owner or the IBUSZ’ competent office. Complains after leaving the apartment/room cannot be accepted!

13. If the length of stay in the apartment/room want to be shortened by the guests it should be prompt communicated to the owner or the IBUSZ’ competent office because of technical reasons or in case of refund requirement.  

14. Neither the owner nor the IBUSZ don’t take responsibility for the values or belongings left in the apartment/room.

15. The guests are obliged to take into attention the domestic rules of the house with special attention to the morning, early afternoon, evening and night silentium requirements.

16. For stays over 30 days in the apartment/room a special agreement concerns.

17. The comings and goings into and from the apartment/room are ensured by the keys provided by the owner or the IBUSZ’ competent office.

18. In case of room-booking the owner shows the rooms that can be used by the guests and gives information on the services provided by him/her.

19. The shared use of bathroom or shower and toilet and the use of kitchen facilities (to prepare simple things) belong to the guestrooms. The apartments are equipped with private bathroom or shower and toilet and perfect kitchen for only the guests’ disposal.

20. The furniture fits the owner’s taste.

21. The given price includes the cost of the services (water, gas, electricity, heating, building management’ costs) bed-cloth, bed-linen, towels and final cleaning. Over one-week-stay bed-linen change and cleaning also includes in the price. 

22. The guests are kindly requested to take care of the order and cleanness of the apartment/room and not leave unwashed dishes and garbage after them.


We wish you a nice stay! 

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