Countryside Tours

Countryside Tours

Szentendre Artists’ Village

We take you to the picturesque Artist’s Village, called Szentendre. We wander around the baroque settlement, built on medieval ruins and walk along the narrrow streets. We invite you for a Lángos (fried Hungarian flat bread)*.

Then you will have the opportunity to go shopping or to visit the Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum or the Confectionery Museum (marzipan figures).

During the summer (between 1st of May and 28th of September) we return to Budapest on the Danube by boat. The tour ends in the city centre.

In case of low water or flood, and during winter time we return to Budapest by bus.

The price includes free pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.

*Cityrama reserves the right to offer a different Hungarian speciality without prior notice.

Szentendre streets - visit Szentendre with us. Programs for FINA visitors!

Szentendre Artists’ Village 38 EUR

Date:Tue., Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun.14:004 hours

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Sisi Tour – Gödöllö

Visit the second largest Baroque Palace of the world in Gödöllő! After only a 30-minute drive from Budapest we arrive to the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth (Sisi) and Francis Joseph (Habsburg Emperor & Hungarian King 1867-1916).

This interior visit of the Museum and the tour through the garden of the Chateau, gives you a glimpse of times under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You will become acquainted with the secrets of the private life, the hidden doors, rooms and lovers of the royal couple.

Opportunity for coffee break (optional, not incl.).

The price includes free pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.

Sisi castle - join our program to visit famous Sisi's castle in Gödöllő. Programs for FINA visitors.

Sisi Tour – Gödöllö 36 EUR

Date: Thur., Sat.10:003 hours

Lake Balaton and Herend

We take you to Herend first, to the world’s largest Porcelain Manufactory (founded 1826). Following a guided tour through the rooms we invite you for a coffee (possibility for shopping).

Next, we drive to Lake Balaton (the largest fresh-water lake of Central Europe) and visit Tihany Peninsula, where you can take the opportunity during a short free time to visit the local museums, shops or the famous Benedictine Abbey. In Balatonfüred (the oldest spa resort in Hungary) we walk along the famous promenade and than we return to Budapest. The tour ends in the city centre.

During the tour we stop for lunch in Tihany (optional, not incl.)

The price includes free pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.

Herend pottery - check out the world famous Herendi pottery products Programs for FINA visitors!

Lake Balaton and Herend 60 EUR

Date:Friday09:009-10 hours

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