Puszta Tour

Puszta Tour

Spend an unforgettable day in the Puszta!

At an hour’s drive from Budapest, we stop in the baroque city of Kecskemét. We walk around the beautiful downtown and visit the most important squares and buildings, like the Main Square with the famous City Hall, the Theatre and the churches (guided walk).

From Kecskemét, we drive to a traditional Hungarian farm. After receiving the greetings of the horse(-herds)men, you can taste the famous Hungarian welcome drink, “Barack Pálinka” (Apricot Schnapps) and the “Pogácsa” (salty scone). Horsemen will then take you around and through the Puszta by horse-carriage. The program continues with a traditional horse show, which includes several breathtaking field performances. You are then invited for a three-course lunch including the famous Hungarian goulash soup, accompanied by Hungarian gipsy music. The programme offers the possibility to ride the horses. The tour ends in the city centre.

The price includes free pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.

Puszta tour with betyárs. Programs for FINA Masters visitors

Puszta Tour 65 EUR

Date: Mon., Thur., Sta.9:008 hours

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Magic Hungary

Visit the second largest Baroque Palace of the world in Gödöllő! After only a 30-minute drive from Budapest we arrive to the former summer residence of Queen Elisabeth (Sisi) and Francis Joseph (Habsburg Emperor & Hungarian king 1867-1916).

This interior visit and the tour through the gardens of the Chateau, gives you a glimpse of times under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With the help of our guide you will become acquainted with the secrets of the private life, the hidden doors, bedrooms and lovers of the royal couple.

Next, we drive to a traditional Farm where you will be welcomed with a Hungarian “Pogácsa” and with the national welcome drink, pálinka. Horsemen will take you for a Carriage Ride through the area and will invite you to a traditional Horse Show. The tour ends at the city centre.

The Farm reserves the right to cancel the tour without prior notice.

The price includes free pick-up service 30 minutes before the tour starts.

magic hungary archers. Programs for FINA Masters visitors

Magic Hungary 52 EUR

Date: Tue., Fri., Sun.9:004,5 hours

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