Trabant City Tour

Private Trabant Tour

Explore Budapest in a Trabant! The authentic Trabant CITY TOUR with our professional driverguide. Anytime and anywhere you want.

    There is no better way to see Budapest than with an original Trabant 601.

  • 2-stroke engine / made of paper and plastic
  • 26 horsepower from a 600 cc displacement
  • 21 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h
  • more than three million Trabants were manufactured
  • it is often called “Paper-Jaguar”

With this unique sightseeing in Budapest you can combine unsurpassed driving feeling and a nostalgic sightseeing with the real atmosphere of the past communist Era.

We also suggest to visit the Communist Statue park, the Ecseri flea market, typical prefabricated blocks of flats built in the 70s, 80s or to do a regular city tour in Budapest.

You can also book your airport transfer with a Trabant!

In order to try the Trabant you must have a valid driving licence. We organize this tour according to your needs and ideas.

Discover Budapest with a retro Trabant car. Private tours for FINA Masters visitors

Private Trabant Tour 40 EUR

Date:available daily at any requested timeDuration: 3 hours

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