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Stalin, Perestroika and Sputnik. All pages in history books now but one communist achievement lives on after the Berlin wall came down - the mighty Trabant. East Germany’s cardboard contribution to the motoring dream of millions can now be yours. During the tour you will drive the 2-stroke Trabant by yourself so do not forget to bring your ID and valid drive licence with you. These are all  manual gear-box cars. The cars have 3 pedals, one of them is the clutch. Be careful, as there are no power steering and power brake in Trabants. Our tours are guided tours, meaning Trabis go together in a convoy guided by our leader car with the tour guide. In other cars, the guide can be heard via radio. During the tour we make stops to make sure you can change the drivers. Maximum 3 guests allowed one Trabant.

  • Wine tour to Etyek
    • Travel with a legendary Trabant to discover the spectacular sights of Etyek’s wine region and wine cellars. The sommelier will show you around the cellars to give a taste of wine making and its results as well. You can enjoy fresh ham and duck plate next to the wine tasting and a 3 course traditional lunch inside the cozy inn of the vineyard.
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Language: English
  • Danube Bend tour
    • The route leads through scenic Szentendre to the medieval town of Visegrad. You’ll see the impressive beauty and spectacular nature from the banks of the Danube. Walking up to the castle which sits on top of a steep hill, with a view of one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary you can take the path back down to the riverside or visit the Royal Palace and the Solomon Tower. After sightseeing a 3 course lunch awaits you in a medieval restaurant where you can enjoy your meals in Renaissance costumes.
    • Duration: 7 hours
    • Language: English
  • Lake Velence tour
    • During this one-day tour you will not only drive the mighty Trabant to one of the warmest lake in Europe but also try one of the latest water sport trends: wakeboard, kayak, SUP. After the intensive physical activity, hungry guests can enjoy some authentic Hungarian cauldron goulash.
    • Duration: 8 hours
    • Language: English




Beside the breathtaking sights these tours offer something special: a few hours of riding in a convertible, authentic, vintage Russian military jeep with stops at the best photo spots. Drive this historical cold war military 4*4 and have a glimpse in the past of Hungary. This unique vehicle gives you some historical background, how life was in Hungary during  the Soviet era. Tour is effected by UAZ jeeps used once upon a time by the Soviet warlords on the streets of Hungary. Don't wait with the crowds for a traditional city tour. Lean back in your authentic, vintage Russian Military Jeep, buckle up and leave the rest to the guides. The legendary furcap, „Ushanka” comes with to make the best selfies. We have English speaking drivers but there is audio guide service in the cars available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese languages. Currently, we have 3 jeeps, which means 18 people can use the cars simultaneously (maximum 6 persons/car).

  • Szentenre tour
    • Szentendre is one of the most picturesque towns in Hungary. Located just 20 minutes from Budapest, at the gate of the Danube Bend, you will discover a rich world of craft shops, art galleries, nice churces and museum, cafés and souvenir shops in a magical Mediterranean atmosphere.
    • Duration: 5 hours
    • Language: English + Audio guide
  • Szentendre + Visegrád tour
    • Discover the two stunning cities of the picturesque Danube Bend. Szentendre and Visegrád with an unforgatteble medieval lunch in a Renaissance Restaurant. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the mixture of the medieval and 19th century atmosphere these settlements offer along the River Danube.
    • Duration: 8 hours
    • Language: English + Audio guide